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“The Kid Stays In The Picture”

The Title “The Kid Stays in the Picture” is the Autobiography of Robert Evans and a throwback to my FilmStudioFaux decades ago at Geocities.

I reviewed books that enabled me to learn filmmaking DIY style. RINGO, the Ginger in the photo, was socialized in the wild. He lived on the grounds of 3 unkept commercial properties on Gordon Street in Plant City, Florida in 2017-2018. A story of property rights and privileges, his story and the story of his family is about censorship, about the use of property and the waste of lives both human and animal.

In the Spring of 2018 Ringo’s family would disappear, moved from that property. He would have the luck of being pulled by a Cat Rescue from the Hillsborough Pet Resource Center to be adopted. Ringo was one of the sweetest cats. He did not disappear. Ringo’s survival and my instinct to hide him when the “cat lady” came to TNVR him, they stay in the picture.

The kid stays in the picture. He gets a chance. Cats are brutally treated, often to get them out of the picture. It sells homes to have clean, clear lots. That is the story that bonded Ringo and the Photographer, pictured.

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