Do what you love.

If someone tries to stop you, do what you need to do.

I’ve written about systems using AI or just data matching have been interacting in the world for 35 years, since I first read Roger Clarke on Dataveillance and some other IEEE wrtiers.  I’m working on some different writings in different formats, shorts story, screenplay because my life’s passion is about creating the dialogue in real life that still is not there, about brainwashing.

Undr Construction, Hardhat recommended

As of February 14, 2022 I plan on writing 5 hrs a day then working on articles at this website some to share on Medium and some to allow access to by payment only at Patreon.  While doing this I’ll be deciding what material or ideas make it into books I want to publish.

As someone with RA, it was a long time plan to have a second career as a writer/auteur.  I’m not always on time, but at 66, it’s still a piece of cake.  I will know more as I write.

My parents were secretive about many things.  I didn’t find out until after they died when I was given the job of going through thousands of documents just how that secrecy was tied to his history as a Master Mason and her civilian work with the Navy in Washington in the 1950’s.  Growing up in tourism and going forward, not to conform but to have many small firsts as a woman by taking great risks, I will continue to take risks to write and create visually intriguing literature.


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