This is how I started publishing ebooks, but from here on I expect more stories about electronic warfare and the horror of it, and hopefully film.  I call the genre I work in Sci-Real,  until I finish the first few books  I can’t tell you what they will be about, whatever works to make an effective literary tale.

The Ginger Cat Family was born on February 3, 2011.

I rescued their mother, Purl, from a Walgreens Parking Lot.   She had been there for a month.  Freezing cold, it was the week after Christmas 2010.

Purl inspired a series of short picture books about environmental and other prejudices facing cats in my County in Florida.  I live in the Florida county with the largest euthanization rate in the State of Florida.

Published 2016-2018, four short picture books were an inspiration for what I hope to be a long 2nd career as a writer/publisher with my Cat Family by my side.

For Sale now at Amazon, unedited and unchanged, The Ginger Cat Family Series.

The first ebook was published after my mother’s home, her estate was then my home, was foreclosed on. Constant flooding and deaths in the home didn’t make it worth keeping. As of 2021 a 15 Million dollar State of Florida Grant, as reported by the press, will be allocated by County Commissioners to clean up the drainage problems in the Imperial Lakes Subdivision in Mulberry, Florida. That was in the end the best I could hope for as justice for my baby cat, Silver.


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