Geocities landing page 2009 in 14 Screenshots. Copyright Pamela jean Curry 2009, all rights reserved

Geocities was a free community of websites, it closed in October of 2009. Many educational sites never returned. I’m publishing the website for what it was NOTES of a student learning the film industry from lawsuits, DVD commentary, books, Kodak Master classes and more – all reviewed at this website.

Geocities closed online the same month my mother died. After that I was living

in a house, built on reclaimed phosphate mines, under the water plate with flooding.

Pushed out and moved as a result of my inability to plan any move.  I was tied to an

estate and responsibility I didn’t want. My mother was an alcoholic, I took care of

her off and on most of my life, she supported my Title VII against the NY Times.

These are notes of someone learning the film business alone.


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