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LOLA, SPECIAL NEEDS MANX – 3 Years Old, Needing Diapers

Lola’s Last Chance for a Special Needs Caretaker/Mom

Please don’t be mad if I require some type of credentials or reference, Thanks.

The last year Lola has been entirely inside and training to be handled!

She saw a Vet in May of 2021 for Vaccines, FIV, FRVCP, Rabies, an Exam and Fecal Test.

Location Central Florida County with the Highest Euth in Florida

LOLA, VIDEO QUEEN¬† Lola’s youtube collection:

February 2022 Lola’s new toy!

Lola’s Brother, stopped eating in the summer of 2021 What his situation looked like in 100 degree heat when he refused water.¬† He was mourning the loss of the outside sister, Honey.

Lola’s toy from a Year ago, She is so over lights!

Lola, the manx. She was feral but is becoming domesticated

This is older maybe the end of 2020

This is LOLA before she got into an ANGEL Fund. The doctor wouldn’t examine her but she was given free meds, a few rounds. So after that I went back to my Vets to get IDEXX TESTS I paid for the myself but I live so far below the poverty level I can’t do that again.

Waterpik and sick Manx Kitten Shower Sept 2019

Lola & I have done this several times since then, she plays with me now

SOS VET BILL Lola the Feral Manx Beauty Goes Tame

August 2019, this might be a rerun, She has needed out of here.

2022 this is Lola’s last chance: Share with Special Needs





Lola had two Fecal Exams after the IDEXX REALPCR after Treatment by Dr. Jackson

Both Fecal Exams came up Negative for Hookworms.