Code Enforcement Action Taken in 2022, I filed after 3+ years of being promised changes that would make it safer. The big deal was I had laptops and desktops to try to rebuild to work from home, but the house had constant power surges. The reason for the power surges finally were revealed in the fall of 2023 when my neighbor’s electrical main box started on fire. The Bartow electric man who came told me and I quote, as he was taking down a wire that connected both houses, I told him about the surges, he said that might have been his fault. Earlier in 2023 a long time sewage leak contaminated the backyard, with a protected gopher turtle and one cat born here, who I now care for, it was finally cleaned up with a new septic field. After 2022, 2023 was another hell year of phone calls and inquiries right through the fall hurricane and fire.

My brother was to move in August 1st 2018 as the person’s long time accountant. He fell through the front porch rotted wood the first visit. The Electric Box was not installed which meant no electric and no well water. The well filters were all over the ground. He left me there to make certain action was being taken and on August 8th Electric was finally turned on.

My brother told me in the ride from Lakeland, Florida -where I was then homeless after a hording case against my previous landlord, the owner of Furn’FeatherFarms in Plant City, Florida also was the Reverend at a Church-He had been shut down by animal control. I was living at the church at the invitation of the then small board who Voted on it and Text me I was to stay. Before that I lived in the same Mulberry Subdivision that flooded and smelled of phosphate mines that had been there before. This once Reverend had also lived there and we both knew people. I was connected to every one of these people before having a place to stay. The land manipulation and corruption in central Florida has been the part of an organized concealment for decades after it was mined to the core. At least half a dozen lawsuits have been filed over leaking copper pipes or toxic land. The move to this trailer was no different. The wells are all on a State Watch List for excess Nitrates and sometimes Arsenic, it comes and goes. The land was contaminated by pesticides from crops and oil from gas stations.

My Brother overdosed on Canned Air attempting to ease the pain of Malignant Liver Cancer shortly after his birthday here in September of 2018. The condition of the place was well documented by the Sheriff’s Department and I had already also taken move in photos and changes with the well, bathroom, electric, rotted porch wood and bathtub falling through the floor. This was my brother’s dream house he had told me as we drove there, he thought at least his bedroom and bathroom would be completed.

I was waiting for an appeal on my disability case, it wouldn’t be decided until 2020. The Judge said I had waited longer than any other case in that court. I received my Disability shortly before I turned 65. I had not had any health treatment in 35 years, except after two accidents where I was rear ended while pulled over and stopped. UNEDITED,

These two photos are mine from the first couple of years living here when no other action was taken to fix the house up. I called the county to get the new looking garbage and recycle cans. This is the cat that would eventually lose all his siblings to disease out here. I brought him inside after he lost the last sibling and he had a breakdown. I thought he was rabid, but no he had been going across the backyard where we had a sewage leak and had round worms. I dewormed him and he is still wild but somewhat healthy.

Polk County Sherrif’s Dept Crime Scene Photos 2018 September, one above and all below to the next caption. Less than two months after we moved in my brother died from huffing canned air. He taught me to build my own computers, he was using that air. The coroner’s report said he had malignant liver cancer. As far as I know it was misdiagnosed by the hospital, we have a FREE KILL law in Florida, look it up. They make a mistake on a single person medical professionals have no liability.

Pay attention I was left here with no water or air for a week to get the place cleaned, I was a mess. After Electric on August 8th I put in fans because he had no central air and no air conditioner. I also started to test the well water once the lights were on. I called the Electric Company had new PAL, street lights, installed. Everything was destroyed in storms and windows were broken. Those were not fixed until 2022 when I filed with Code Enforcement. Water testing is on the kitchen sink. I was in two rooms with my cats, one by day the other empty with a kennel and one a mess with our supplies by night.

The sign was there because the construction on the house was ongoing. This house had been closed by the Landlord and had been without water or electric for about 7 years, according to the record the Electric company sent me. I also found out the well was on a well watch, it had old water filters around the house that didn’t work because of an earlier petroleum spill from the gas station on the highway next door.

I grew up in a Realtor/Broker, Accountant’s home. My friends were in some of the same families, one had builders business. I’ve always had this type of work to deal with utilities and fixing things since I was young, well for free at home. UNEDITED

Polk county is a 12 gypsum stack former phosphate mining county. I knew nothing about wells when I moved in, off the streets, with my brother. I do know now, about toxic wells and land corruption.

The End, Crime Scene Photos by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department. RIP Craig Curry. Sept 2018

END of My Move In Photos taken in the summer of 2018 and the MOLD Photos taken in 2002 after the WATER and Electric were turned on.

By the time of my disability court hearing the entire laundry room had mold from leaking pipes. By the looks of the bathtub in the room behind it the pipes might be still leaking