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A Cut From The Funny Farm:
The N.Y. Times & their history of scandal & deception:Sampling of documents from Curry vs. The Ledger.  These pages show the work that is involved in defending oneself against libel. U.S. Federal Evidence Law allows the self-authentication of records,  documents can be filed as evidence without a witness. But, this involves obtaining Seals, exemplified documents and signatures. The documents as a TOTAL show that the Retaliation against me had local political motivations. As the saying goes, all politics is local, but unfortunately what is local can go global with the use of data communications. This is not meant to be a description of my entire lawsuit, but only how elements of a cause of action can be supported with public documents.2003 – The Follow-Up Scandal, in my opinion!
Atty. Cynthia Augustine, described in the records linked, according to internet news resources is the head of the Human Resources Department for the N.Y. Times Company.  The events of 2003, where two reporters resigned for lying in news articles, then followed by the resignation of both Editors at the N.Y. Times, are natural consequences of long term policies of the Times.

Those policies encouraged false accusations against me by a Black male they hired, who lied during depositions. That a person of any color would comply with this type of coercion is a question of choice, that they will be revealed is a matter of fate. There are no doubt some reporters/photographers still exhibiting this behavior in order to give some Editors what they want.  This recent scandal at the Times is an affirmation that slavery has been and continues to be alive and well at the Times. Yes, Master. (referring to the legal term Master/Slave to describe employment).

    Tasini vs. The N.Y. Times:

It was the U.S. Copyright Office that tipped me off about a lawsuit in the works that might be of interest to me. I was talking to them because it had taken a very long time to get my Copyright Certificate and someone warned me there NOT to complain to my Congressman just come right to them.

Tasini vs. The N.Y. Times was over when the N.Y. times blacklisted these writers, the STUPID thing was that a quote from these writers said they never expected a company like the N.Y. Times would do that! DON’T THEY READ…MY WEBSITE HAS BEEN UP FOR YEARS!
May 1, 2003:  A search of the newsgroup alt.politics on blacklisting New Yorks Times will get you this from “Bruno”…
Thursday, Sept. 27, 2001
New York Times Blacklists Writers

“The New York Times, which found blacklists a crime against nature,especially when the alleged blacklistees were dedicated members of the Soviet-dominated U.S. Communist Party, now has – gasp! – a blacklist of its own…

The New York Times has created an internal blacklist that directs editors throughout the paper not to hire writers who won a historic decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, according to an internal memo obtained by the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981), said Union president Jonathan Tasini in a
press release


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