In Memory of my Mom: I MADE THAT!
Twenty Years Ago I Was Working to Write My Way Out of
Florida, a Bastian of Hell for thinking persons, but my parents both
became ill. They had financially supported me through my lawsuit & I
stayed until the end because nobody in my family would talk about technology
abuse. That issue was very relevant to the rise of the now despotic state.
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My Country, My Killer (Cross: In the name of
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost)
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August 2003, Translation :  I own the story rights, I need health care after 17 years without it. A page from the activist side of Film Studio Faux and it’s departments.

 Now more relevant than ever, I broadly define the Issue of Data Mining , where you can find
out more, and why you should support the Moratorium on Data Mining & demand Congressional  hearings!
Nowhere but here, this is not a rehash of what other activists organizations are writing about Data Mining.

   15 years ago I brought a lawsuit against a major news organization with a novel issue, electronic surveillance
using satellite systems and post-employment blacklisting using electronic records.  (Pages 1 and 2 from the
official court transcript of my pretrial hearing in a U.S. Federal Court Civil Case in 1991 – This is where issues that will
be part of the legal proceedings at trial are resolved in advance of trial).  I had examined the
cases of other women against the newspaper industry. I decided a plaintiff could not really win in the long run
and decided to bring a lawsuit against them for the “Process” they engaged in as a Retaliation. The transborder
flow of personal computerized information as a form of retaliation, when the computerized information
was originated with manipulation from that media organization. That action had the “effect” of making me
a target for violence, combined with other technologies the “effects” are of widespread deprivation of rights.
More resources reporting on digital rights.

    Democracy is dead, this is the worst of times for intellectuals, particularly women, in the United States. The
so called “lynch mob” mentality  prevails. An absolute arrogance that no other country is the world could
be as good as this one is evident in every aspect of the media, they are running their own propaganda war. This
hurts particularly people with valid claims of abuse. The status of women is deteriorating, particularly in the
intellectual content. The state of creative arts is low, reality television serves the end purpose of wearing down
the publics empathy for real victims and not the victims that the press wants to shine publicity on. “Only Victims”
like the name of Robert Vaughn’s book on blacklisting is back in force. Not only silencing people, but denying
they are being silenced is a common occurrence. These links to FCC letters under seal of the FCC and the
FBI letters have frequently been accessed at my website. The FCC letters can be judicially noticed, they talk
about the technical ability of satellites to intercept what you are typing on your computer long before the
FBI acknowledged the use of the Magic Lantern prograqm.

      Don’t just sign a petition, take action. Write a recipe, start a “Cookbook” submit it to your representative
in the U.S. Congress. Ask that those who are watching us, whose only obligation is to watch not act, be put under
scrutiny. Support the Data Mining Moratorium Bill: The Bill     EFF Petition

      Thanks to the CDC/Hachtivismo for hosting my rants & news posts while I was writing this and the paper,
December 2003. I appeared to be having some burnout mid 1993 to the end of 1993, which this helped me over
(notice the new fonts and even some sound at this website?). Back to work.

ookBook for Data Miners
    The New Constructivism:
1 clear pyrex bowl
1 cup of water
1 drop of blue dye
1 50 watt bulb
1 glow light stick
Combine all ingredients, stir with straw
Scan at 300 dpi, progressive JPG
Serve while hot

    Just like this graphic, your personal data will not be what it appears after cooking.

wCookbook How to…
The concept behind Recipes is to connect the electronic records or surveillance activity, to transborder flow, and an event brought about by that combination to show interference with self-determination, the ultimate end result being Global Conditioning.
The Key Words being: Electronic input (data from surveillance or mining-records collected)
                                  1  Transborder Flow
                                    9Event = situation created (i.e., lost employment, homicide, car accident, flat tires in the
                                                      mall parking lot, seeing a double at a strategic time of day)
                                    0Nullification of Self-Determination and
                                    aGlobal Conditioning

nThe best Recipe has a strong logical relationship between the “Event” and the “Electronic Data
HSample Recipes:
Entree:Strangled Chicken a Là Orange
Dessert: Blackened Wedding Cake
Vegetable: A Simple Salad

Warning: Don’t over Cook. This is NOT about Conspiracy Theories. This is about computers out of control that interact with electronic systems, and perhaps lazy, if not stupid individuals who input data without caring about the outcome.  The Prime barrier to completing this Global Cookbook is that most people don’t want to reveal the private details of their life, but without those specifics an accurate picture of how much government or corporate manipulation is being accomplished with electronic data will never be revealed. I would say both governments and corporations are counting on that. This is also cyclical. As with defending a court libel case, like mine, the best defense is finding something out about the other guy.  MIT has started a data base in protest to TIA, Total Information Awareness, that holds rumors about public officials without granting them the right of rectification.







Data Mining & Matching,


Data Surveillance & Time-Matched Brainwashing

The Facts, The Fiction and The Report
As of December 2003 the general public in the U.S., and I would guess most nations, is still very much in the dark about the extent to which these 3 Tiers of Tyranny will effect them. I attribute this to a continuing emphasis on preventing the actual Mining of Data with a great deal of publicity concerning the issue AND to the absolute silence in the last 17 years, some of which has been forced silence, concerning the extent of the capabilities of governments to use satellites to manipulate human behavior, how this information will be put to use. You can change this by publicizing at your own sites your own “Recipes” for Tyranny, a Global Cookbook. Storytelling to give future generations the power of knowledge. Professionals of conscience and credibility who have spoken out about this issue in the last two decades are in the minority. I attribute this to the actual use of economic sanctions against those who do speak out with success. The phrase Time-Matched Brainwashing is my own, after over a decade of writing about Data Mining in the courts and protesting to human rights organizations I’ve found that many technical experts and human rights activists are limited in their ability to explain the effects and process of “synchronized electronic technologies”  or as I describe them Time-Matched Brainwashing.
Three Tiers of Tyranny, for a Full Report Recipe for Strangled Chicken a Lá Orange“. There are “secret” ingredients to this recipe, not disclosed here, that strengthen the relationship between the “Event” and the
“Electronic Data”. Believe me,  from here it just gets better and better…

      •    This is a note I had on me in 1988 when I was taken into custody by the Danish Police in Copenhagen along with dozens of human rights documents and a copy of a U.N. Human Rights booklet with the name of a human rights worker in Geneva – Dougan Beaca.  I had to threaten the police to take me into custody. With what? Paperwork. Yes, the officer said it would take too long to do the paperwork if they took me into custody. I assured him that the paperwork would be considerably greater when they found me dead in the waters off the coast because the guy I was with just assured me he was going to have to kill me.  I had been screaming loudly when I wasn’t blacked out, from being choked unconscious, or  having my head bashed into a brick wall.

I was deported by an extremely unusual Officer in Internal Affairs. He was bearded, heavy set, not in uniform, and told me he worked with Greenpeace, sometimes to the chagrin of his fellow officers. I remember only his name was Art. He was in the Internal Affairs Division.

I’ve not had an interest in finding out more about the Chaos Computer Club, the Largest organization of computer hackers in Europe known for their work finding security holes at NASA in the 1980’s, until last spring when I researched online and found pictures of Wau Holland and read his comments about Greenpeace.  Art, at that time bore a resemblance to Wau, it is uncanny, that was a recent discovery since the last several months that I’ve been searching for matching data on the internet.

  • This note was given to me the night after I had slept out in a couple of inches of rain. I was starting a very bad cold, and I didn’t speak German, so I never followed up. I never had called Wau Holland. I was looking for more information on Data Surveillance, particularly transborder data flow and did not read German.  Besides, some tall lanky brown haired kid at Chaos, un-named, had told me I could learn to do what they were doing. I’ve thought about that statement frequently since that day, because I really didn’t believe it.
    •  1988, May I was under threats of institutionalization and heavy interactive surveillance, I traveled from Orlando, Florida to Luxembourg on an Icelandic Air Standby Fare. Off the plane in Luxembourg at customs was a “dead ringer” look alike for the Executive Editor of The Lakeland Ledger working at CUSTOMS. At that time there was a police record that was falsely written up showing he was the victim of a threat. I write “falsely” because, under penalty of perjury during discovery, the newspaper admitted that the Executive Editor was never threatened. The year I was starving and living in the streets in Europe, my alleged accusor the Executive Editor,
    • of this N.Y. Times newspaper, was fined for

being a drunk 

    • and was told by a Judge to

undergo evaluation for alcoholism

    •  and possible rehabilitation.

I entered Europe that year, and in 1993, on Iceland Air at Luxembourg, getting a three day Visa through France from Steffen and went on to Geneva. I was carrying a Credit Card with an affidavit from my mother that I could use it. It was a Chase Manhattan Credit Card. As an additional fact, I had once been mis-matched in a blind Date with a Treasurer, I think,  from Chase in New York by friends who make a living doing business in Germany.

In Geneva I stayed at church sponsored home for young women, I wasn’t that young. The anomaly here is that I found this place on my own. It was directly next to a church with a tower. As 2nd generation tourism I had a small collection of unique posters at home in Florida, in my bedroom. With only one of Europe. It was produced by SwissAir. It was a turquoise abstract poster of the City of Geneva, Switzerland with one outstanding feature: the same church tower I lived across the way from.

I was nearing the end of a six month research trip in Europe doing discovery about Data Surveillance. The Scandinavian countries had some of the first laws in Europe on Data Protection. The United Nations was in the process of putting a report on Data Protection through the process of becoming a U.N. Resolution. I found the report with practically no help from anyone, just by going through the U.N. Human Rights Documents at the Palais in Geneva. I  had also lost more than 30 pounds, could barely afford to eat and was often sleeping in the streets. I had NO IDEA AT ALL of what I was looking for when I went to Geneva, finding the report that would give me my retaliation count was a complete surprise. I expected only to get information from the ITU, International Telecommunications Union.
 A Professor in Fribourg, Switzerland filled me in about some research that was being done for U.S. corporations (I believe about militarization of their management training programs) and let me look through some old copies of the ACM Magazine. After I found some articles, I hitchhiked to Bonn. At the Press Building I got some help finding an address for Chaos, the BBC lent me their phone, the N.Y. Times Reporter directed me to the Time Press building. TIME gave me the address to CHAOS.
I literally slept in 3 inches of water from the rain the night before I made it to Hamburg, and I was living on less than $100 Swiss, a loaf of bread and some peanut butter. The same week I took the photo at The Ruby Teal anti-Censorship and Blacklisting page.

In Hamburg I entered a building in a row house, towards the back was a room with two teenagers one who explained how the media had turned on them, how their work had been taken away. He gave me a loaf of bread, I was starving and broke.  I was carrying a news article from Bonn entitled: German Computer Hobbyists Rifle NASA’s Files, Bonn, September 15th, 1987. I believe it was given to me by someone in Bonn at the Press Building, with the name of Steffen Wernery. I left a copy of the ACM article entitled: “Information Technology and Dataveillance” Communications of the ACM, May 1988, Volume 31, Number 5, with Andy. This year and in the years ahead Clarke’s first 3 paragraphs, the first sentence in each,  in this article will come back to haunt us all:

         Paragraph 1: Concern about Freedom from Tyranny is a trademark of democracy
         Paragraph 2: Surveillance is one of the elements of Tyranny
         Paragraph 3: The computer has been accused of harboring a potential for increased  surveillance of the citizen by the state, and the consumer by the corporation.
In October 1988 I was sent home from Denmark, after an incident of violence. In a very bizarre twist of facts, a German last name translating roughly into English as “Cross” wanted me to cut him with a knife, then choked me repeatedly unconscious. In Geneva I had been attempting to find information on electronic technology, surveillance and homicide just as a curiosity, but mainly because of my role as a witness at a homicide, stabbed to death,  in the Central Florida migrant community in April 1986.

I was subsequently deported from Denmark but when I returned to the U.S., where I was under constant harassment by the local Sheriff’s Department, I found that the name of the Officer in Charge of the Sheriff’s Station in my District was a “Major Cross”.  There is a large amount of other facts, over 8,000 pages of documents from my lawsuit, concerning this particular incident but the fact of the matter is I believe that the Transborder Information Flow incited the incident in Denmark, I was lead to believe that by both the Danish police and by my assailant, as well as others.

  • In May of 1989, at the last minute and despite ongoing intimidation’s that were quite frankly unbelievable, I filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against The Ledger, A NY Times Company. They were represented by about 5-6 Attorney’s, two firms, against me by myself. All the counts were dismissed except the Retaliation Count, for post employment blacklisting using electronic records. I refused to proceed without a trial by jury in large part because Congress had just passed legislation stating victims of sex discrimination are entitled to a trial by jury, but the President had just vetoed it.  My case was dismissed, I appealed.
    • It wasn’t until 1993, when I was researching a Supplemental Brief that was solely about Retaliation and Electronic systems that I was finally aware of the extent of the precision in which this manipulation was executed. Electronic Manipulation that influenced the courts dramatically during my case and that was devastating my life and my family.




Blackened Wedding Cake”

(frosting not yet on the cake)

Mining Newspapers by Newspapers for Litigation.


Wedding Notices, Members of the Brides “Party”

Suing a The New York Times Company Newspaper: Left in the Dark.
1)Most of the incidents described below occurred before and/or during discovery for a lawsuit against an international news conglomerate. This is not a simple issue and has complex ties to nepotism, and cronyism in the old south. Unfortunately, the issues of nepotism and old boy cronyism (giving jobs to men friends) are issues of concern to women worldwide. Although, in my instance women were the worst perpetrators of myths and libelous conduct toward me because I am ambitious. Those ambitions are not typically female.2) While this was occurring information about  my role as a witness at a homicide, working with a Sheriff’s deputy to insure an accurate report of what happened at the crime scene, information from this crime scene was misrepresented by a “Bad” cop. As a consequence for a several year period I was under threat of institutionalization. I was followed by law enforcement and people who I worked for were intimidated. After Court Discovery, I filed a detailed report
with the then Governor of Florida, Lawton Chiles (who also once was the Attorney for this same newspaper and who is not unfamiliar with their tactics). He asked the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement to investigate the actions of the Police Department. Although they never did this, changes were made  with the aid of their legal counsel. This included the supplementation of a biased police report with facts from the homicide, but the “supplement” did not correct the electronic record.

3) For 17 years I have been denied the right to work in Polk County, Florida. That is also saying I came from a high paid career and am NOT about to pick up piece work that pays next to nothing, in most cases where I did this I was harassed not making it worthwhile. I am about to engage in political activism over the issue. In all cases when I moved, I was followed by violence and libel. Making international libel law and transborder flow of information issues
I have followed closely, except for the last few years. In the year 2001-2002  I was forced to learn my step Father’s business because of his brutal death from untreated Cancer.  I was followed by Sheriff’s deputies and intimidated when I went to places where I was to pickup MONEY for my brother.

First Draft: My First Drafts are notoriously poorly written….

It is not the “apparently” harmless gathering of information on U.S. Citizens that will be harmful, no not even the denial of the right to rectification of false records that will be harmful. The most harmful element of this Data Mining Project is the use of it in computerized systems that are tied to Satellite systems that can engage in transborder flow of information in a highly controlled and timed synchronization.  I’ve read dozens of vague articles since the 1980’s about how this combination of technologies would allow governments to engage in witch hunts and blacklisting, but I’ve read very few actual portrayals of what this MEANS.  It means individual manipulation and break down of human relationships.

His trip was in the late 90’s, this man was the representative of the European Parliament investigating a decades
old data and eavesdropping project.  I reported to the U.N. in 1988 on what I knew about how my government was
using surreptitious eavesdropping technology, in what appeared to be covert participation in a media generated blacklist. In short, members of Congress engaged in a form of  hazing in exchange for some free publicity. The technology available to do this was regulated by the ITU, (International Telecommunications Union) one of the technicians there confirmed – when I interviewed him in person – thaat the U.S. Government had this technical capability. Specifically, the ability to engage in specific eavesdropping. They could have easily been doing it to several women at once with this technology. The news industry is notorious for their vulgar behavior with women, particularly against those that bring class actions That fact is a matter of public record.

Synchronicity, DATA MINING & TIMING, public participation

JUST DESSERTS: What are the ODDS?   “PRELATE ENVY” was the title of a news article in The Quill.
The Quill article mulled the question: Whether the NY Times was envious of the Catholic Clergy?  That was
published decades before the Church sex scandal. But, accusing the Times of having an attitude that they are morally
above others and “closer to God” in their endeavors as a Journalistic entity has not ended with The Quill.  Although,
The Quill is still an excellent source for insider criticism of internal operations at The NY Times Company. During my
lawsuit I found their articles to be quite accurate, for example…they accused the Times of the type of sexism where
they would hire a female attorney for a case [particularly when sued by women] but put a male trial attorney on for
the actual Trial. Better college libraries carry a copy.
     Geneva, Switzerland
Wedding Cake – Between 1987 and 1993 when I was filing my EEOC complaint and pursuing the Federal Civil Action I came under heavy electronic surveillance that was combined with DATA MINING and synchronized satellite systems The incidents I describe below were incredibly alarming at that time so I started to list how this DATA could be available. There was only one way. I had been in the Wedding, a Wedding Announcement would have been in the newspaper with that information, of each person, except one. I didn’t just see these events, I know personal things about these individuals that made putting them in these places at these times alarming.

In 1988 in Geneva after going to the World Health Organization’s photographic exhibit on AIDS I repeatedly saw the “double” of one person whose wedding I had been in. She was walking around the Rolex building in downtown Geneva. The timing was that she was there in particular once when I was coming back from this exhibit. This person was of European descent.

In 1990 when I was approaching the time for trial I was also unaware that the last Photo Editor, I walked out on this interview, I interviewed with was being indicted for child molestation on the premises of the newspaper for a period of 10 years. During the few months before the trial I saw the “double” someone’s father who had been accused of child molestation.

 German Chocolate
Le Grand Passage, Geneva Switzerland – My Grandfather and his brothers were of German descent. In Geneva, Switzerland in 1993 while going to shop in the Grand Passage a man, an exact double in every way of one of them, threw a bottle down the steps of  the down escalator while I was riding the UP escalator. He was a drunk, a rummy as they would say in Canadian.  This was not a coincidence. It was so alarming that I filed a “panic attack” report at the United Nations to be certain to mark this event. In 1993 I was studying there.  I had to get a special pass at the U.N. in Geneva to do research for a last chance supplemental brief I was writing for my appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Cert. Denied. That entire summer was one event after another. I was determined to write a brief that without fear described the availability of technology available to engage in mass hazing so as to deter an individual litigant or a class action



VegetableA Simple Salad
A simple salad is for individuals who don’t travel, therefore the concept of transborder flow is foreign; for people who don’t have advanced skills in computing and don’t want them; and for those who don’t generally understand the complex issues that are creating so much controversy with Government sponsored Data Banks.

ELECTRONIC RECORD with reference to a homicide.
1) I had a record at a Police Department generated by phone calls from the newspaper. During litigation the newspaper admitted that parts of that record were not correctly taken down by the Police. That record was partly electronic. The record was generated in a manner that would a few years later motivate the then Governor Chiles to ask the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate their action in this instance.

NO ELECTRONIC RECORD of my role as witness & photographer at the scene. 
This Links to Court Documents I’ve put online showing: Film, lies and more lies.
2) There is a second group of records at the Sheriff’s Department. Those records indicate that I was a “Witness” at a crime scene and that I handed film over to a Sheriff’s Deputy, it was Kodachrome which they don’t develop, so I even had it developed first.  There are articles from two newspapers, including the one I sued, that identify me as a witness but they do not give my name because the alleged assailant was “at large”.

POLICE RECORD SUPPLEMENTED after Civil Litigation Discovery
3) After Depositions and Discovery I was able to create a report to the then Governor Chiles. He asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to Investigate the actions of the department in this instance.  The police department’s attorney did allow me to supplement the record at the Police Department with Sheriff Department’s Records. The individual who took my job at the paper after me was related to the Police Office who wrote the report (brother or son). He had been working with his brother a mere year and one-half before this first report. He also had another apparent relative at the paper. This along with the fact that during the deposition he stated he didn’t feel any need to check into my statement that I was a witness, and that the information they had “distorted” about the homicide was used in a failed attempt to Baker Act me, were the facts that were persuasive in my presentation to the late Governor Chiles.

With the proposed TIA, Total Information Awareness, you will not know that the government has your records. You will not have the right to correct your records, even if they are not police reports. They can COOK your records to include or exclude anyting they want. Including an incident where you acted on your civic duty but perhaps appeared in a record in a bad light.

 1987 copy of Die Datenschleuder was picked up in Hamburg, Germany at Chaos in 1988. Chaos provides ongoing educational seminars and information to it’s members.

 If you just came out of an abusive relationship, while working in an atmosphere of extreme sex discrimination (extreme – another girl with a big chest was heard to be called a cunt in the all male photography department at the newspaper), and you didn’t speak a word of German, Would you want to meet these guys?  NO WAY! Instead I dated an attempted rapist/murderer.

EDRI,  This European Digital Rights Organization Publishes a Newsletter that summarizes changes, proposed changes
and backlash to proposed changes in Digital Rights Laws.Risks Digest by Peter Neumann after a decade still is a good resource for information on the Inside Risks of misuse of Digital Information, pro and con, for and against Hackers and so forth. His column
is or was published in the Publications of the Association for Computer Machinery.
The December 3rd 2003 issue telling how the State of California is using satellites to shut down Tanker Trucks is a prime example of why I love this repot!

Film Studio Faux’s Hi Tech page and letters from the FCC concerning the eavesdropping capability of Satellites has been at the top of Internet Search Engines on issues of technology abuse for a few years now.

The STOA Report on technologies of Political Control A Report Commissioned by the European Parliament that is well footnoted and includes references by such American scholars as Harlan Girard who has spoken out for decades for a U.N. Convention against Microwave Technology.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation

©Pamela Jean Curry, All Rights Reserved.  December 2, 2003. Dedicated to Eddie, who died too young. We have as a society an obligation to give our children and peers a better understanding of their world and how technologies have developed to change it,  to uncover and name those who would keep us in darkness.


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